• The ShopFit Company Top Tips 1

    Employ the expertise of your shop fitter as early in the building design process as possible. Some of our best work has been achieved when the Architect or Builder has taken our shop design on board early.
  • The ShopFit Company Top Tips 2

    Don’t be afraid to express your fears or desires during a design brief. Sometimes it’s better to discuss what you don’t like as well as what you do.
  • The ShopFit Company Top Tips 3

    For new builds or extensions one of the biggest problems is drying time of newly plastered walls or newly poured floors. Many refits have been held up by this problem. It can sometimes take weeks for floors to dry properly and laying a floor too soon can lead to trapped moisture, damp and latent defects.
  • The ShopFit Company Top Tips 4

    Merchandising is very important. What are your best sellers and what needs more emphasis placed on it to sell. Research into your own stock as to what’s moving and what isn’t is very important.
  • The ShopFit Company Top Tips 5

    Merchandising signage should wait for a few weeks after opening. Inevitably – even with the best planning – you will want to move things around. Only when you’re happy with the merchandising should you put up signage, if you need it at all. Sometimes it’s best to let your stock speak for itself.
  • The ShopFit Company Top Tips 6

    Upgrade lighting wherever you can. Retail environments, especially shop windows must be well lit to entice customers into your shop. We have all seen many pharmacies / shops which look like they are closed because of inadequate lighting.


  • The ShopFit Company Top Tips 1

    In designing your pharmacy make sure you allow for future proofing your dispensary. Will you need more staff in the future? Will you need more shelf space in the future? Will you need a dedicated consultation area?
  • The ShopFit Company Top Tips 2

    Consider how you work in your dispensary... the flow of scripts and the movement of staff. Getting this balance right is important to prevent the pharmacist or their assistants walking miles around the dispensary floor each day.
  • The ShopFit Company Top Tips 3

    Consider the flow of customers around your shop, do you have any blind spots where theft may be an issue. Are customers entering your pharmacy, walking straight up to the counter with a script and out again without looking around?
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