The ShopFit Company is one of the newest shopfitters in Ireland. We bring to the market many years of retail design and shopfitting experience, a fresh outlook, a new energy and some great ideas. If you are considering a refit we will offer you:

  • - Value for money
  • - No Consultancy Fees
  • - Fast track installation
  • - Project management
  • - Merchandising advice and guidance
  • - Retail design
  • - Effective lighting design
  • - Shop front and signage design
  • - Reliable subcontractors
  • - Liaison with statutory bodies if required

Independent retailers deserve access to the same service base that the multiples can call upon; they need a one stop shop where all those resources exist.

We are unique amongst shopfitters in Ireland, we focus on one project at a time. Unlike other companies, we don’t have to run multiple jobs simultaneously to survive. One job, one client, means unequalled attention for our customers.

So how do we operate?

From a detailed survey of your shop, carried out by our team (or by working from architects’ drawings), we apply your detailed brief to design a new retail environment that reflects your needs, your budget, and your business plans for the future. You will deal with the same person from start to finish, no transfer of responsibility, no loss of detail in communication from one department to another.

Focussed project management and unrivalled attention to detail means a constant presence on site, and therefore constant management of our sub contractors. This detailed site preparation means that we are there to make sure that budgetary constraints are adhered to and problems; should they arise; are solved quickly. You are left undisturbed to run your core business as the fit out proceeds.

If you are interested in speaking to the newest shopfitters in Ireland about your project, be it large or small, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation.

Thank you for your time.